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Safety Town Commanders Camp 8-10 year olds 2023 From Tuesday, August 8 - Thursday, August 10

Safety Town Commanders Camp 8-10 year olds 2023 Part of the Safety Town Camp Series

Camp will run August 8-10 from 12:30-4:00 pm.  This camp is for children between the ages of 8-10 and must be of age at time of camp.  Have a 5-7 year old?  Register for Safety Town Majors here!

Our Safety Town Commanders Camp is modeled after the original Safety Town, but with a curriculum built for the next level, ages 8-10.  The focus of this camp will include a review of the original Safety Town (Majors) and will go in-depth with experts in areas ranging from fire safety to internet safety and beyond.  Topics will cover many categories pertinent to this age group including what to do if your alarm goes off, gun safety, walking home alone, falls, poison/medicine safety, bullying/cyberbullying and mindfulness which includes yoga.
Camp is dynamic and interactive, with various what-if scenarios being played out and group discussions moderated by a certified teacher.   Children will learn everything from how to use a fire extinguisher to how to navigate safely in today’s cyber world and more!

We are proud to have the following experts teaching our camp:

Lake Forest Police Department: 
LFPD will teach the kids safety awareness and self defense in a fun/interactive way!  They’ll creatively cover topics such as gun safety, bike and skateboard safety, what to do when you are home alone and cyber safety/online stranger danger.
Lake Forest Fire Department:  
Image result for Lake Forest Fire Department  
LFFD will teach kids about everything from fireworks safety to first aid, to even demonstrating a sprinkler system with a real-live fire in the safe confines of their smokehouse.  This prompts a discussion about home fire prevention and escape plannning.
K9 Reading Buddies of the Northshore:
K9 Reading Buddies of the Northshore will bring their therapy dogs on site and teach the campers all about pet safety!  Topics covered will include what to do if a scary or unknown dog approaches and the do’s and don’ts around dogs.
Stephanie Bersh with Simply Bee Counseling :

Stephanie Bersh is the resident Yoga Teacher at Simply Bee.  She has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and teaching the past four years and is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

Stephanie will talk about mindfulness and how to handle bullying or witnessing bullying.  She’ll do a fun yoga session with the kids so they can learn about the mind/body connection and how important it is to our health.

LFOLA will teach our kids all about outdoor safety, tick safety, poisonous plants that are indigenous to our praries, and why it is so important to get off our screens and get outdoors!



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