Office Rental

The Gorton Community Center is currently “home” to ten 501(c)3 organizations that benefit from reduced lease rates, shared public-relations, and co-location services. By offering a collaborative-creative working environment, Gorton Community Center helps our own nonprofits thrive and focus on their missions.

We have also supported over 100 other nonprofit groups with meeting and event venues, and offer collaborative space at reduced rates to incubate organizations until they are able to become self-sufficient. Benefits of these arrangements include access to administrative and program space and support in a highly-visible, well appointed, and easy-to-access public location.



  • Take advantage of below-market rental rates for office space
  • Rent includes utilities
  • Book your FREE conference room (monthly)
  • Buy an extra coffee with money saved with your free Gorton parking
  • Plan an event at Gorton at discounted rates for premier event and meeting space, including our 309-seat theater


  • Leverage increased social media and internet marketing presence in cooperation with Gorton Community Center communications
  • Use street-side signboards to promote and advertise events


  • Collaborate with other nonprofit organizations
  • Share resources and calendars, plan joint events, brainstorm, learn and grow


Call (847) 234-6060 to discuss the opportunity to partner with Gorton Community Center as a Resident Nonprofit, or inquire here.

Available Rentals

  • 2nd Floor Non-Profit Office Space

    2nd Floor Non-Profit Office Space
    Square Feet: 986
    Rental Rate: $19.57 per square foot, or $1,609 per month

    Bright space with high ceilings and hard wood floors. Built in shelving and cabinet storage. High end lighting.

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