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Youth Etiquette 101-A Series of Workshops Monday, February 3, 2020

Youth Etiquette 101-A Series of Workshops

Youth Etiquette 101 with the Etiquette School of Chicago


We are happy to present a specialized series of etiquette workshops with the Etiquette School of Chicago. Each class will be one hour and will cover a different dining and social etiquette topic. The series is $50 per class.

Session 1: Monday, February 3
Social Etiquette: Introducing Yourself and Others, Proper Handshakes, Joining
& Exiting Conversations, Polite Words, Giving and Receiving Compliments
Dining Etiquette: Napkin, Proper Way to Eat Finger Foods

Session 2: Monday, February 10
Social Etiquette: Telephone Manners, Body Language, Respect & Courtesy at Home, Showing Appreciation
Dining Etiquette: How To Set The Table, Proper Way to Eat Bread & Butter

Session 3: Monday, February 17
Social Etiquette: Style & Grooming, Posture, Dress Codes and Why We Have Them
Dining Etiquette: Spoons, Proper Way to Eat Soup

Session 4: Monday, February 24
Social Etiquette: Being A Good Host or Guest, Invitations & Thank You Notes,
Giving & Receiving Gifts, Small Talk and Topics to Avoid
Dining Etiquette: Proper Way to Eat Pizza

Session 5: Monday, March 2
Social Etiquette: Respect & Courtesy in Public Places, Texting Do’s & Don’ts, Social Media Sites
Dining Etiquette: Forks, Proper Way to Eat Salad

Session 6: Monday, March 9
Social Etiquette: Good Sportsmanship, Tips to Making and Keeping Friends, How to Handle a Bully
Dining Etiquette: Top 10 Family Dinner Manners, Dessert Etiquette

Gorton Community Center will take and may use photos and videos from this event for its promotional purposes. Your attendance indicates your consent to the above.