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SAT Power Classes – December 2019 Monday, December 2, 2019

SAT Power Classes – December 2019

The SAT Power Class is 4 sessions.  You can attend 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sessions!

This is in preparation for the December 7th SAT Test.  You will need to register for the SAT separately, this class is not an automatic registration.

*Single Ticket: $80

*Package: $290

SAT Power Classes are 2-hour, no-nonsense classes that focus specifically on a different section of the test. In just 2 hours we’ll present strategies and content essential for students who want to raise their scores.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 2:  The SAT Reading section poses unique challenges, presenting students with advanced texts, difficult question types, and traps along the way. During this 2-hour strategy-focused class, we will review and practice the approaches you need to successfully navigate the SAT Reading section. The class will include reading and question strategies as well as tips for avoiding “decoy” answers. You’ll be sure to learn valuable strategies that will help you raise your score!

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3: The SAT Writing & Language sections test students on many elements of English grammar and structure. During this 2-hour strategy – focused class, we’ll review the most common question types and how to recognize them. We’ll also cover key rules that can have an immediate and significant impact on your Writing & Language score.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4:  The SAT Math sections present challenging content, heavily emphasizing algebra I and II, coordinate geometry, and word problems. Many students are not used to seeing problems presented in the way they appear on these exams, and can get easily overwhelmed. During this highly focused 2-hour class, we’ll address some of the most crucial content areas and the approaches most effective for dealing with them.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5:  The Essay.  In this 2- hour strategy-focused class we will review the basics of the Essay: the instructions, prompt, and how it’s scored. We’ll go over the Big mistakes to avoid that would instantly crater your scores – and give you one strategy that can bump up your score all by itself. And show you exactly how to analyze the passage and write about the author’s rhetorical strategies with thoroughness and insight.


Nancy Morehouse MA – Secondary Education and independent educational consultant working with North Shore and students nationally for over 15 years bringing ease, joy , and purpose to the college application process for families  Nancy is a graduate of LFHS and a lifelong resident of Lake Forest

Gorton Community Center will take and may use photos and videos from this event for its promotional purposes. Your attendance indicates your consent to the above.

Class Refund and Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be given up to one week prior to the first week of class of any session. (The refund period for some classes, which require advanced reservations or purchase of materials, may be more limited.) Cancellations will incur a $5 handling fee for programs costing under $100 and a 10% handling fee for programs with fees of $100 or more. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, you will be notified, and a full refund will be given.

If this class does not meet the minimum participation requirement, you will be notified of the cancellation within one week of the start date.