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Last Man Fishing Sunday, January 12

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Last Man Fishing

  • Date: January 12, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Price: $10.00
    $10 general admission, $5 student


Director JD Schulyler, Executive Producer Nicolaas Mink & Marsh Skeele, founding fisherman-owner of Sikta Salmon Shares will be speaking after the screening

A cinematic look at a vastly changing seafood system through the lens of small-boat fishermen and experts around the United States. Narrated by best-selling author Mark Bittman, the film explores the dichotomy between the industrial fishing model and sustainable fishing methods that focus on conservation and quality.

Among the fishers profiled is renegade New Englander Tim Rider, whose dream job of becoming a family fisherman is met with numerous challenges. His story parallels that of Darius Kasperzak, a jig boat fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska who seeks to build infrastructure for a struggling small boat fleet.

Filmmaker JD Schuyler weaves a collection of intimate stories from coastal communities with expert interviews to portray the complex struggle between corporate giants and family fishermen. Produced in part by veteran filmmaker, Matt Wechsler (SUSTAINABLE), and featuring conservationist Carl Safina, and author Paul Greenberg, LAST MAN FISHING calls to question the ethics of the seafood industry and its impact on small-scale fishing across the United States.

This film is sponsored by Sikta Salmon Shares and co-presented with Green Minds Lake Forest Lake Bluff and Elawa Farm Foundation. 



JD Schuyler – Director
JD Schuyler focuses his work on documenting community microcosms as relatable, illustrative stories of larger food system and sustainability issues. This work is his passion and has spanned the globe from Indiana to Liberia, Peru, Alaska, and the US/Mexico Border. JD’s credits include Director of FarmCity (Indianapolis, Indiana) and Sustainable Catch (Sitka, Alaska). JD studied New Media at Indiana University Indianapolis.

Michael Lahey – Editor
Michael Lahey is a documentary filmmaker, producer, and editor based in Chicago, IL. His first film, Tugs Untied, won the Best of Arizona Award at the Arizona International Film Festival. Michael’s next documentary, Making Waves, won the Jury Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival and the Great Lakes Independent Film Festival. In 2015, he co-produced and edited the documentary Selected, which premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival, and he recently completed his third film, Shelf Life: The Story of Lanzi Candy. Michael has edited programs for PBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic Channel, among others. He grew up in DeKalb, IL, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Film and Literature from Northern Illinois University. In 2004, he founded his production company, Jump Cut Films.

Kelley Jordan Schuyler – Producer
Kelley Jordan Schuyler is a commercial photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. She has a passion to bring justice to the food system after being involved with food and farming for many years. Combining this with a desire to tell meaningful stories, she created Farm Stories, a series of photo essays about farmers and food producers who encourage healthy stewardship of our bodies, communities, and earth. Farm Stories has taken Kelley abroad to England and France, and domestically to California, Michigan, and Indiana.

Matt Wechsler – Executive Producer
Matt Wechsler is an award winning documentarian, food activist, and urban farmer from Evanston, Illinois. His passion for filmmaking started when he was ten years old and has blossomed from making short films with friends to exposing social injustice around the country. His 2012 New York Emmy-nominated documentary, Different is the New Normal, aired nationally on PBS and was narrated by Michael J. Fox. His latest film, Sustainable, is now available on Netflix and was awarded the 2016 Accolade Global Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Nicolaas Mink, PhD Executive Producer
Nicolaas Mink is co-founder and president of Sitka Salmon Shares, a direct-to-consumer seafood company that supports the country’s largest community supported fishery (CSF). Before becoming a fishmonger, he spent more than a decade in academia, earning a PhD in history, with an affiliation with the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He taught in the fields of food systems, environmental studies, and history, holding appointments at Northwestern University, Butler University, Knox College, and several campuses in the University of Wisconsin system. His research on food systems has been published widely. He’s been honored with grants and awards from the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, and the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Marsh Skeele, founding fisherman-owner of Sikta Salmon Shares

Marsh began fishing as a child, helping on his dad’s boat long before he owned his own. After finishing college, he quickly realized that not only was fishing his greatest skill, it was also his passion. In 2000, Marsh purchased the F/V Loon from fellow Salmon Shares fisherman Spencer Severson and set to work establishing the second generation of Skeele fishermen. In 2011, Marsh helped launch Salmon Shares, driven by a desire to get his fish into the hands of consumers who share in his appreciation for high quality, sustainably harvested fish. Marsh takes great pride in doing his part to connect Midwesterners with the best fish possible, regarding his trade as entailing much more than the simple act of catching fish. In the off-season, Marsh embarks on food-centric travel and can often be found in the Midwest, leading cooking classes for our members, engaging with folks at farmers markets, and sharing his knowledge at inspirational dinners at local restaurants.


Green Minds Lake Forest Lake Bluff:

A Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Sustainable Residents Initiative open to those living, working or studying in Lake Forest/Lake Bluff.​ Green Minds’ vision is to bring awareness to current environmental issues and to encourage educated, sustainable practices. Green Minds LFLB works on various topics wherever members feel our communities have room for improvement. Some of the topics we currently are discussing are pesticides, recycling in public spaces and businesses, bring your own bag, chlorinated de-icers, reducing styrofoam in our community, awareness on car idling, removal of invasive species such as buckthorn, composting, coal tar driveway sealants, ReFoods and many more.

Elawa Farm:
Elawa Farm is a public-private partnership dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of a unique combination of natural setting, designed landscapes and buildings of architectural and historic significance.  In 1998, the City of Lake Forest acquired a 16-acre parcel of land, including the original farm complex buildings that were part of an early 20th century gentleman’s farm, known as ELAWA FARM.  Adjacent to ecologically significant Middlefork Savanna, this purchase created an opportunity for a unique partnership of public and private organizations to collaborate in the preservation and use of this property.

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