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Essential Oils-Sugar Busters with Tamara Mannelly Friday, February 7, 2020

Essential Oils-Sugar Busters with Tamara Mannelly

  • Location: Gorton Community Center
    400 E. Illinois Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Essential Oils-Sugar Busters with Tamara Mannelly

Friday, February 7 from 10:30am – 12:00pm
Class Fee:  $20

Do you crave sweets? You’re not alone!  The average American consumes 30 teaspoons of the sweet stuff every day–without even realizing it!  Sugar can pack on the pounds, zap your energy, run down your immune system, make you moody, and more.  Wouldn’t you love to kick the sugar habit once and for all? Join Tamara for a Sugar Busters workshop and start 2020 off right! She will show you simple steps and proven strategies to help you understand why you crave sugar (hint: it’s not your fault!) and how you can break sugar’s hold on you.

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