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Mountainfilm Best of Fest Saturday, January 25

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Mountainfilm Best of Fest Part of the Mountainfilm on Tour

  • Date: January 25, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Price: $10 – $20
    $20 general admission, $10 student. Festival Pass gives access to all Mountainfilm events Friday & Saturday

Best of Fest is officially sold out!

If you want to try and get in please come add your name to the waitlist at the door. We will try to get as many people in as possible but cannot guarantee entry.

Gorton Center and Lake Forest Open Lands present…Best of Fest!


A curated look at some of the very best Mountainfilm has to offer. The audience’s favorite screening each year, and not to be missed. Purchase tickets in advance, as this screening will sell out.

2 hours 10 minutes




Who knew? Formal dancing is good exercise, fun and a great way to meet new people. Just down valley from Telluride, Ron Black, in retirement, started teaching dance — country waltz, two-step swing, American tango, line dances and more. There might even be more to it than matchmaking, which is its own reward. “When I’m dancing I can actually get out of my skin,” Black says. “My soul comes out, and starts dancing.”

USA / Duration: 8 mins
Directed by: The Roos Brothers



The Brotherhood of Skiers has been bringing camaraderie and dance parties to the slopes since 1973. The annual summits, which unite African-American ski clubs across the country, are fundraisers for youth programs to pass the love of skiing down to the next generation. First born of necessity — safety in numbers in the aftermath of the civil rights movement — four decades later, the Brotherhood of Skiers is still creating a safe space and upending stereotypes.

USA / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, Colin Arisman



Winner of Charlie Fowler Best Adventure Film – 2019 Mountainfilm Festival

Antarctica is cold, unfriendly, remote, breathtakingly beautiful and, by virtue of those characteristics, rife for expeditions. That’s exactly what draws a dream team of climbers to decamp for three weeks to Queen Maud Land, a chain of outrageous rock spires that leap out of the frozen continent’s snowy expanse. Alex Honnold, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and the others venture out onto these spires, where they encounter massive off-width cracks, crumbly rock, big-wall style objectives, bone-chilling cold and a reminder that even suffer fests at the bottom of the world can offer an unforgettable good time.

USA / Duration: 28 mins
Directed by: Taylor Keating, Cedar Wright



So long coloring books and cartoons. Goodbye stuffed animals and nap time. Danny MacAskill is your new favorite babysitter ever.

Scotland / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: Stu Thomson



The cholita climbers of Bolivia have been subverting the culture of machismo since 2015 by climbing mountains. Not content to stay in their traditional roles as high-mountain cooks, these 11 escaladoras wanted to see for themselves what it felt like to go to the top. Pairing the traditional cholita garb of colorful skirts, shawls, bowler hats and brooches with ice axes and crampons, these women climb for the same reason many others do: that feeling of freedom that comes with standing on the summit.

USA / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by: Mariano Carranza



It wasn’t long ago that the small Colorado town of Fruita was solely a hub of agriculture and oil and gas development. But singletrack shredders and pizza chefs Jen Zeuner and her partner Anne Keller have helped to transform the high-desert town into a mountain biking hotspot with their Hot Tomato Café. It wasn’t always easy — some residents of conservative Fruita weren’t quite ready for their “lifestyle” at first. But the women’s delicious East Coast-style pizza — and the love they put into making it — have made them indispensable members of the community and turned the Hot Tomato into the living room of the Grand Valley’s outdoor recreation industry.

USA / Duration: 12 mins
Directed by: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel



Tune in for a tutorial on how to absolutely shred Alaskan spines.

USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: Scott Gaffney



Images captured during production of the Early Light Media documentary film about Richard Antoine White R.A.W. directed by Darren Durlach and David Larson.

Mountainfilm Commitment Grant
“I like the tuba because it reminds me of my life, it’s the underdog.” That’s Dr. Richard Antoine White, whose biography reads like a manual in how to overcome odds. White grew up intermittently homeless on the streets of Baltimore, and went on to become a world-class symphony musician, professor and the first African American in the world to receive a Doctorate in Music for Tuba Performance. He’s got music in him, yes. But he’s also got a drive rarely seen, even in the most competitive artistic circles. As he puts it, “the only thing that will stop me from being successful is death.”

USA / Duration: 29 mins
Directed by: Darren Durlach, David Larson



In the high steppe of Little Tibet, a young boy develops an unlikely obsession: ice hockey. He fashions pucks out of stones, trains on homemade skates and worships Czech hockey icon Jaromír Jágr. And he has his heart set on an outsized dream.

Czech Republic / Duration: 2 mins
Directed by: Marek Partys





Mountainfilm on Tour is back for its 4th annual run in the John & Nancy Hughes Theater! One of the longest running film festivals in America, this adventurous, conservation-driven festival brings leading documentary films from around the world to its audiences. Enriched by an interactive discussion-based format, this is catered to environmental enthusiasts! Click here for the full lineup of Mountainfilm on Tour — Lake Forest.

Mountainfilm on Tour’s presenting sponsor is The Butler Family Foundation. It is also supported by the Community Church of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff and the Deer Path Inn. 


Mountainfilm uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Year-round and worldwide, we take a selection of festival films on the road. We present both single-event and multi-day shows, hosted by a wide array of organizations, including schools and colleges, corporations, community groups and theater operators. Through the tour, we touch the lives of some 65,000 people every year and visit more than 120 locations on five continents.

Started in 1979, Mountainfilm is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. Through the years, in and out of trends and fads, the festival has always been best described by one unchanging word: inspiring. Far more than any other adjective, that’s how festival audiences describe their experience.

In addition to screening leading independent documentary films from around the world, the festival includes a full-day symposium on a contemporary issue, art and photography exhibits, early morning coffee talks, outdoor programs, a book-signing party, an ice cream social, student programs and a closing picnic/awards ceremony. Presentations and panels are scheduled throughout the Memorial Day weekend event with a wide diversity of special guests, ranging from artists to adventurers and academics to activists.

For more information visit www.mountainfilm.org


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