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Read Between the Ravines: American Overdose Tuesday, July 28

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Read Between the Ravines: American Overdose

  • Date: July 28, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Price: FREE
    Signed books available for purchase at the event.



Gorton is excited to co-present with Lake Forest and Lake Bluff libraries a special night in the series Read Between the Ravines with a captivating author talk by Chris McGreal.

American Overdose is a devastating portrait of the opioid epidemic, a uniquely American and catastrophically lethal tragedy born of Congressional neglect, amplified by corporate greed, and brutally exploited by illegal drug cartels.

The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history; it results in ninety American deaths a day and has eviscerated communities across the country. It is a consequence of a healthcare system run as a business, one that prescribed drugs with unprecedented amounts of oxycodone to patients experiencing everything from toothaches to severe chronic pain. The practice created a culture of addiction in towns and cities across the country.

In American Overdose, Chris McGreal outlines the three main stories of the opioid epidemic: first, the negligent policies that allowed the greed and corruption of big pharma to profit off the suffering of their patients and new evidence on the FDA’s complicity in the matter; second, the widespread addiction that ravaged American towns and cities; and finally, the even more devastating arrival of the drug cartels who deliberately and catastrophically exploited the market for addiction that has been created.

Through the lives of doctors, addicts, policy-makers, pharmaceutical reps, and family members, McGreal tells two parallel stories: that of the rise of opioids in the healthcare system and the personal stories of those affected on the ground, joined in what a former member of the FDA has called “one of the greatest mistakes of modern medicine.”

This event is part of a reading program called Read Between the Ravines. This Two Communities, One Nonfiction Book program brings together Lake Forest and Lake Bluff with the purpose of enhancing nonfiction literacy and inspiring discussion around real-world issues. Please visit https://readbetween.org for more information.

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Please email questions for McGreal in advance to reference@lakeforestlibrary.org. Thank you!

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