Lead Teacher – Safety Town Majors Camp


This job is for the week of June 12-16 in the afternoon.

The Lead Teacher for Safety Town Majors Camp requires a teaching degree or a Masters in teaching. Ideally, the person has had experience teaching a similar age group at some point in his/her past career.

Safety Town Majors is a camp for 5-7 year olds, held annually in June, typically coinciding with vacation bible school schedules in the community (VBS runs in morning and Safety Town runs in afternoon). The camp is always Tuesday through Friday from 1-4pm with a 3pm graduation ceremony on Friday. The Lead Teacher runs the classroom piece of camp, the main focus of which is to teach each child their parent’s or caregiver’s mobile number (only one number) as well as the Safety Town pledge and various songs. Once a child successfully memorizes the mobile number, the teacher may move onto teaching the home address. Camp counselors are key helpers in the classroom, which is divided into organized and thoughtful learning stations. The teacher also plays a significant role in the graduation ceremony, along with Gorton Staff.

The teacher has his/her own dedicated classroom in which he/she stays stationed. Campers rotate into the classroom throughout each day in four groups of 20, managed by experienced counselors with a ratio of 1 counselor per 4 children. There will never be more than 20 students in the classroom at a time. The teacher also teaches/leads pre-selected songs and the Safety Town pledge each day at the beginning of camp when all campers are gathered in the Stuart Community Room. This is the only time all 80 campers are “taught” together.

An important aspect to teaching Safety Town is commitment and communication. It is ideal to have the same individual teach the camp at least two consecutive years and ideally three. We understand it is not possible to commit three years out, but hope the teacher will enter the first year with the intention to try his/her best to fulfill a consecutive commitment. The teacher will also need to maintain strong lines of communication with Gorton Events Director during the Spring planning period which is crucial to the success of camp (responsive to email and phone calls).

All materials are reimbursed and the position is paid $425 per week. Each consecutive year the teacher teaches he/she may earn an increase in year two and three, to be capped and/or evaluated at year three.

Job Type: Contract


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