Assistant Teacher – Safety Town Majors Camp


This job is for the week of June 13-16 in the afternoon.

Work Schedule: Tuesday through Friday 12:30pm to 4:00pm plus prep time for classroom planning. Additionally, any time spent developing curriculum will be compensated at the same hourly rate, not to exceed 10 hours.

It is clearly understood that employment is for a single, one week camp in June 2022. Written advance notice of 4 weeks is required for the termination of employment initiated by either party.

Responsibilities include:

· Preparing for camp, organizing general curriculum each day (provided by Gorton)

· Engaging campers in songs and word play to memorize the Safety Town pledge and their parent’s phone number

· Helping oversee camp counselors and the transitioning between sessions (help make sure each group is where they need to be.)

· Assist in camp drop off and pick-up / car line

· Be outdoor point person to maintain order, oversee and intervene with any roughhousing or problems that could potentially arise

· Set the tone for the groups with positive/high energy and enthusiasm

· Help with logistics at graduation

· Troubleshoot any issues that arise

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $16.00 per hour


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