Suite Escape

Suite Escape
Suite Escape is located on the 2nd floor in suite 218.

Suite Escape is a membership-based collaborative space for women’s entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and education. Suite Escape is a 501(c)(3) organization and our mission embodies the following principles:

CONNECTION – Suite Escape is a place for women to gather. This means to gather physically, i.e., in person, and also the gathering of thoughts both intellectual and emotional. The Suite Escape aims to connect women who all believe in the power of supporting each other.

COMMUNITY – Suite Escape is dedicated to the individual and collective growth of its members. The Suite Escape community aspires to do their individual best while inspiring greatness in others – in any meaningful form of work.

ENRICHMENT – Suite Escape aims to provide a place for women to grow both personally and professionally. Suite Escape’s curated events are designed to enrich its members’ lives, inspiring them to be a positive influence in the community, both locally and beyond.

INCLUSIVITY – Suite Escape celebrates and supports all members professionally and personally. The Suite Escape is a kind and inclusive community unaffiliated with any religion or political party.

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