Bravo Waukegan

Bravo Waukegan
Bravo Waukegan is located on the second floor of the Gorton Center in room 212.


Bravo’s Mission

The mission of Bravo Waukegan is to provide Waukegan public school students with opportunities to grow through music. Bravo believes and research confirms that studying music can have a profound, permanent, and positive impact on intellectual development. Bravo supports the music faculty and curriculum of the Waukegan schools, and provides resources for significant programs such as after-school mariachi bands, now in five schools, and a month-long summer music camp.

Bravo provides children in Waukegan with opportunities to grow through music.

We believe what scientific studies have now confirmed—instrumental training promotes intellectual development, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics. Through the study and performance of music, children come to understand that difficult, sustained effort often brings the deepest personal satisfaction.

Over 17,000 students are enrolled in the Waukegan Public School District. Bravo Waukegan was founded to support and expand the underfunded K–12 music curriculum for these eager students and their dedicated music teachers.

Bravo has grown from a small group of volunteers to a 501(c)(3) organization that each year serves approximately 3,000 students in the Waukegan public school system.


Bravo has established innovative music opportunities for Waukegan children.

Arranged for the donation of new and used musical instruments with an estimated value of $100,000.

Funded the cleaning and repair of all existing district instruments.

Annually sponsored the Middle School Spring Music Festival at the historic Genesee Theater. As a result of the significant growth of the music program, beginning this year 1,000 students will perform over the course of two nights before an estimated audience of 1,800 family and friends.

Provides summer private lessons for all interested Waukegan elementary and middle school band and orchestra students. This unique program employs talented high school music students from neighboring communities as instructors.

Funds professional music instruction for high school students nominated by their music faculty.

Provides professional development opportunities for members of the music faculty of Waukegan.

Launched a popular after-school mariachi program in five elementary schools.

Established the Own-Your-Own program, which enables students and their families to purchase instruments at wholesale prices.

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