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Project ‘Selfy’ Wellness Series-Eating for Your Genes Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Project ‘Selfy’ Wellness Series-Eating for Your Genes

  • Location: Gorton Community Center
    400 E. Illinois Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045
  • Resources: McLaughlin Care

February Topic: Eating for Your Genes
Speakers: Dr. McLaughlin, McLaughlin Care

Have you ever wondered why people eat everything and anything when it comes to food and Macronutrients? Yet in the animal kingdom, animals listen to their genes and eat what is best for them. In this class, you will find out if you are a Tiger (Carnivore) Bear (Omnivore) or Deer (Herbivore) and what you can to do to maximize your food type to turn off chronic disease and prevent even worse ones!


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